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Forte Design Systems, CircuitSutra Partner on Design Services, IP Co-Development

CircuitSutra releases SystemC Model Library for Virtual Platforms

CircuitSutra joins Mentor Graphics partnership program for SoC verification

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India SystemC User Group (ISCUG)
14th April - 15th April, 2013 (Noida, India)

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CircuitSutra have successfully executed several modeling projects with us that includes developing Convenience sockets and TLM kit for our SoC bus architecture, Virtual Platform development, Integrating Virtual platform with the debugger and other tools, OS bring up on the virtual platform, SystemC Models of Image processing IP, Audio IP, OS bringup on VP. During the project execution they also communicated with our vendors and customers and ensured the high quality delivery of releases in timely manner. CircuitSutra have strong expertise in modeling domain. We recognize CircuitSutra as our partner to provide services for the System Modeling domain
Amit Nene, Engineering Manager,Texas Instruments.

CircuitSutra developed the TLM Kit and convenience sockets for our proprietary SoC bus.The kit is compliant with Accellera TLM2.0 and can be used to develop the SystemC models of peripheral IP.The kit relieves the model developer from the complexity of TLM rules for modeling data communication at different abstraction levels ranging from loosely timed to cycle accurate TLM, and exposes very simple to use abstraction independent APIs. The level of abstraction can be changed at run time, allowing the modeler to dynamically adjust the performance accuracy trade-off, for instance, to support “fast-forwarding”. CircuitSutra came up with an innovative design that is extensible and can be easily adapted for any SoC bus architecture. They also developed a very comprehensive testsuite and ensured high functional coverage.

Tor Jeremiassen, Simulation and Modeling CTO,Texas Instruments

CircuitSutra works with OCP-IP on use of the OCP Modelling Kit in virtual platforms, and their technical work has been excellent in all areas including SystemC/TLM-2, processor models and embedded Linux adaptation.  CircuitSutra's committment to achieving a high quality final result has been unwavering.  The code, which can be downloaded from OCP-IP, illustrates how the OCP protocol can be abstracted for virtual platform modelling and OCP's compatibility with TLM-2.0
James Aldis, OCP-IP Director and Lead Architect of OCP-IP System Level Design Working Group.

Circuitsutra have displayed an in depth knowledge of SystemC and TLM-2.0, using excellent C++ skills, producing novel and efficient solutions to complex modelling problems in a timely a cost effective manor..
Mark Burton, GreenSocs Ltd, UK.

We are very pleased that CircuitSutra developed, first in the world, a demo SystemC model set compliant with our TL Modeling Guide second edition. By studying this newly developed demo model set, engineers can easily understand the technique or transaction level modeling. The demo set will undoubtedly accelerate the widespread use of TLM methodology in the Industry.
Mr. Sho Sano, Senior Manager, Design Standard Group, Planning Department, STARC, Japan.


Circuitsutra supported ASTC with the System Model testing services and that ASTC has been happy with the responsiveness and quality of this work.
Jay Yantchev, CEO, ASTC, Australia.

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