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Forte Design Systems, CircuitSutra Partner on Design Services, IP Co-Development

CircuitSutra releases SystemC Model Library for Virtual Platforms

CircuitSutra joins Mentor Graphics partnership program for SoC verification

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India SystemC User Group (ISCUG)
14th April - 15th April, 2013 (Noida, India)

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SystemC Model Library

CircuitSutra Modeling Library (CSTML)
Virtual Prototype - Quick Start Package (VP-QSP)
High Level Synthesis - Quick Start Package (HLS-QSP)

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CircuitSutra Modeling Library (CSTML)

CSTML is a library built on top of SystemC & TLM2.0. This library is a collection of convenience classes and utilities that ease the model development activity. It can be used to develop the SystemC models for Virtual Prototyping.

CSTML can be a very effective tool for any company starting the virtual prototype development project. Using the CSTML as the base of their modelling projects right from the beginning will ensure that modelling infrastructure will be compliant with standards and can be integrated with any EDA tool. It will also be beneficial to migrate the existing modelling infrastructure to CSTML.

CSTML when used in conjunction with Virtual Prototype – Quick Start Packages (VP-QSP) available from CircuitSutra can save lots of efforts and time for the customers.

Virtual Prototype - Quick Start Package (VP-QSP)

Reduce your Virtual Prototype development efforts upto 80%

Library of basic models and modelling infrastructure that can be used to quick start a virtual prototype project.

VP-QSP contains the TLM protocol and the convenient sockets for the popular chip interfaces which can be used to quickly develop the model of any specific controller IP complaint with these interfaces. VP-QSP also contains the models of general purpose peripherals used in ARM based SoC.

  • VP-QSP-ARMCoreTile

Other QSP being planned for SD/MMC, SATA, DDR, PCI, Motor Control, Automotive SoC, Imaging SoC,

Most of SoC companies and Systems companies are starting to develop the virtual prototype of their SoC or Electronics System. The virtual prototype have to be available early in the cycle so that it can be used to start the embedded software development in parallel to the hardware development resulting in reducing the time to market.

If a company has to develop the entire modeling infrastructure from scratch, then it will require lots of time to develop the virtual prototype. The VP-QSP from CircuitSutra when used in conjunction with CSTML library can greatly reduce the efforts and time on a virtual prototype project.

Features of the model

  • OS Supported: Linux 32, Linux 64, Windows 32, Windows 64
  • Compliant with standards: Accellera TLM2.0, STARC TL Guidelines
  • Will be continuously enhanced to support upcoming standards. Models developed using CSTML will not require significant changes to adopt latest standards, they just need to build with latest CSTML:
  • Accellera CCI: Model to tool interoperability
  • SystemRDL / IP_XACT for register implementation
  • UVM: Unified verification accross abstraction levels
  • Tool Independent: Can be integrated with any Virtual Platform tool
  • Message log levels: Advanced features for message reporting / filtering. Enhancement over sc_report
  • Python based unit test environment

Reduce your Virtual Prototype development efforts upto 80%

High Level Synthesis - Quick Start Package (HLS-QSP)

Library of basic synthesizable models and modelling infrastructure that can be used to quick start a HLS based design project.

CircuitSutra is developing the synthesizable models of ARMŽ AMBAŽ AXI™ and OCP-IP™ in collaboration with Forte Design Systems. These models will be compatible with Forte’s Cynthesizer™ SystemC high-level synthesis (HLS).

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